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arcade game machine and arcade game and redemption game

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Product Name: arcade game machine and arcade game and redemption game
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Arcade Game Machine. Latest racing arcade games from oasis amusement group! ! Arcade machines and arcade games for sale: Worldwide popular arcade game machine, coin operated arcade games, arcade machines, video arcade coin operated and home recreational games, game room equipment, parts and supplies.


The two-player Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune is linkable up to two units for four-player head-to-head competition. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune features player buy-in, the rewritable "Tuning Card" system, numerous courses and selectable cars. Players can buy-in at any time during the race. Whenever a player buys-in the game resets to the starting point making it an equal race for all players. The "Tuning Card" data is updated after each game play. The rank, tuning status and number of rivals defeated in the Story Mode are recorded after each exhilarating match. Players have the ability to use their Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune "Tuning Cards" on the new Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune game!

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